Centre for Women’s Studies



 Mrs. Suman Sahu


The Centre for Women’s Studies (CWS), Women’s College, Tinsukia was formally established in November 2021. Women’s College, Tinsukia established with a motto to empower women through education to serve mankind. CWS is a way through which this motto can be achieved by imparting knowledge on women-related issues and rights to the students. The Centre identifies and focuses on the social-economic, cultural and political conditions of women in society through research work at the grassroots level of Assam. CWS has started six months duration certificate course on Women’s Studies to provide Knowledge on women’s issues and challenges particularly faced by women of North East Region and India as a whole.

Objectives of the Centre:

1. To study and conduct research on women’s issues.

2. Bring out refereed publications and project works on women’s issues.

3. Sensitize students on gender issues.

4. Extension activities in rural and urban areas.