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· Profile:

Being established in the year 1966, the very year of inception of Women’s College, Tinsukia itself, the Department of Education has been progressing continuously in all the directions right from the enrolment of students to the outstanding results in each level keeping the prestige of the college high in the commercial township of Tinsukia. The courses offered by the department are H.S., UG and certificate course. The department offered three six-monthly certificate courses which were approved by Dibrugarh University. These certificate courses are Pre-primary & Primary Teachers Training, Cutting, Knitting & Dress Making and Weaving. The department organised a few UGC sponsored workshops and seminars for the benefits of the teacher as well as the student community. During the lockdown period in 2020-21 a good number of workshops and webinars were also being organised by the department through the online platform. Besides these, various enrichment programmes are being organised by the department on a regular basis for the benefits of the students of the department. The department also prepares its wall-magazine ‘Ankuran’, departmental newsletter ‘Darpan’ and the departmental bulletin board ‘Reflection’ regularly. In the department there are total four permanent faculty members who are always eager to update themselves in the latest findings in the field of Education. Altogether there are more than hundred numbers of publications in their personal account in the form of text books, chapters in edited books as well as papers in the reputed national and international journals. The teachers also successfully completed total three UGC sponsored Minor Research Projects.  The department is also proud of its students for its regular outstanding results. In recent years the pass percentage of the department is not only 100% but the percentage of first-class holders is also the same which is quite encouraging for others too.  In the year 2022-23 a student of the department was declared as the Best Graduate in Arts by Dibrugarh University making the department very much proud. Moreover, to enrich the knowledge of the students the department maintains a good library with around six hundred books of different authors of national and international reputation. Besides these it has a well-equipped Psychological Laboratory to perform various psychological experiments. The students of the department show their excellence in both academic and extra-curricular activities. Alumnae of the department have proved themselves in different sectors and they also contribute for the development of the department. So far as the ex-faculty members of the department are concerned there are total four ex-faculty members in the department who contributed immensely towards the upliftment of the department during their service period.

· Retired Faculty Members:

Ø Mrs. Namita Dey Sarker (Retired on 31/7/1996)

Ø Late Giti Satyapal (Retired on 30/9/1999)

Ø Mrs. Gopa Das (Retired on 31/1/2014)

Ø Mrs. Ashima Borah (Retired on 30/11/2016)

· Present Faculty Members:

Ø Mrs. Rekhamoni Baruah (Head of the Department)

Ø Dr. Nabanita Deka

Ø Mr. Pulak Bhattacharyya

Ø Mrs. Puja Sorong

· Programme and Curriculum:

Under Graduate Courses:

(i) Four Years Under Graduate Programme (FYUGP)

v Intake Capacity: 

Major: 35

Minor: 45

v Syllabus: Click the Link ->

(ii) Three Years Under Graduate Programme (CBCS) -> 

v Intake Capacity:

Major: 35

Generic: 50

v Syllabus: Click the Link ->

Add on Courses:

 (i) Certificate Course on Weaving (Dibrugarh University Approved)

v Intake Capacity: 40

v Syllabus: Click the Link ->

 (ii) Certificate Courser on Pre-primary and Primary Teacher Training

(Dibrugarh University Approved)

v Intake Capacity: 30

v Syllabus: Click the Link ->

(iii) Certificate Courser on Cutting, Knitting and Dress Making

(Dibrugarh University Approved)

v Intake Capacity: 35

v Syllabus: Click the Link ->

Intermediate Courses:

Higher Secondary Programme

Number of Students- HS 1st Year- 140

                                  - HS 2nd Year- 120

Result at a Glance (2017 to  2022): Click the link->

Star Achievers and Remarkable Rank Holder List : Click the Link ->

Star Alumnae (LIST): Click the Link ->

Contact Details:

                                    Mobile No: 9435484306

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Faculty Members:

Ms Rekhamoni Baruah
Associate Professor (HOD)
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Dr Nabanita Deka
Associate Professor
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Mr Pulak Bhattacharyya
Assistant Professor
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Ms Puja Sorong
Assistant Professor
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