Medical & Health Care Centre

A young girl with a sound health is an asset to the Nation. Keeping this in mind the College has always been trying its level best to ensure that our students apart from getting quality education also can avail benefits of good health care facilities. It functions on all days except Sundays and national holidays. 

An MoU has been signed in this connection with Life Line Hospital, Tinsukia to facilitate health care facilities to students and staff alike. 

Medical consultation is free to all students of the campus and medicines are available at a moderate rate. The Health Centre organises free medical camps and health awareness classes to the students and local public Ambulance service is also available for the students in times of emergency. Besides, the students can also avail the services of counsellor thrice a month in the College premises and online on other days.

There is a well-equipped Health Centre and Ambulance of our own. 


  • To provide Periodic Health Check Up
  • To provide fast aid services
  • To provide 24x7 free Ambulance
  • To organize health related talks on critical health issues.
  • To organize health awareness camp.