Department of Political Science

A brief profile of the department of Political Science, Women’s College, Tinsukia:

The department of Political Science was established in 1966 from the very inception of the college. The courses offered by the department are H.S. , UG and certificate course. The two certificate courses run by the department are Certificate course of Rural Development and Certificate course of Disaster Management. The syllabus of these two courses have been prepared by the faculties of the department and approved by the university. The department has concluded an MOU with the department of political science, J.D.S.G. College, Bokakhat in 2021 and organized faculty exchange and student exchange programme. The department organized an UGC sponsored national seminar in 2012 which was attended by a number of scholars from various parts of the region. The faculties of the department are engaged in writing a number of text books for the benefit of the students and also published two peer reviewed edited books. Present HOD completed an UGC sponsored MRP in 2016. The students of the department show their excellence in both academic and extra-curricular activities. Alumnae of the department are established in different sectors and they also contribute for the development of the department. They donated a projector and 20 valuable books for the department in 2022. Besides, they render academic assistance too as and when required. Ex faculties of the department were:

~ Late S.C Dey Sorcar (Became principal of the college in 1972)

~ Late P. Chetia (expired in 1991-in service)

~ Late Ira Das (Retired in 2007 & expired in 2016)

~ Dr. Akani Das(Retired in 2013)

~ Dr. Nita Paul (Retired in 2020)

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· Courses offer:

  1. 1. Higher Secondary
  2. 2. U.G.- Honours
  3. 3. GE- Both Hons. and Non-Hons.
  4. 4. Certificate Course in Rural Development


Faculty Members:

Dr Tanusree Sarker
Associate Professor (HOD)
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Ms Suman Sahu
Assistant Professor
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Mr Sujit Kumar Sonowal
Assistant Professor
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Mr Rituraj Borah
Assistant Professor
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