Department of Sociology




Department of Sociology

Women’s College, Tinsukia

Established in 2014

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Courses offered

· Higher Secondary(2019)

· U.G Honours(2022)

· Generic Elective

· Non-Honours


Course Outcome:

Upon successful completion of the program the students would be able to:

· Understand basic concepts and theoretical perspectives in Sociology and how they are used in sociological explanation of social behaviour.

· Understand how to collect, analyse and interpret empirical evidence in sociological research.

· Gain familiarity with and develop an understanding of core substantive areas of sociological inquiry.

· Express sociological ideas clearly and coherently both in writing and in oral presentations.

· Recognize their personal value systems and prepare themselves for competitive exams


Faculty Members:

Ms Srabanti Mazumder Das
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Ms Monikornika Kakoty
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