Distance Learning Centre

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Distance Learning Centre (DLC@WCT)

 Dr. Tanusree Sarker


A Distance Learning Centre of Women’s College, Tinsukia (DLC-WCT) has been created on 21st May, 2021. The DLC has been kept in ready  state to introduce Programs in Distance Learning Mode/ Online programs etc. as and when the NEP-2020 is brought into effect by our affiliating university. As of now, it has been entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the functioning of the programs that are on offer under the DODL, Dibrugarh University. The Centre also has been entrusted with additional responsibility of running some of the Add-on Certificate courses that the college has decided to make open for outstation students/ needy but economically disadvantaged aspirants/ dropouts from various institutions (special arrangements like online classes/ classes on holidays/ classes at the doorsteps of the enrolled students/ supply of study materials via e-mail, WhatsApp etc. have been made to accommodate outstation students). This initiative is as a part of our effort to strengthen the inclusive nature of the college.