Department of Economics

Introduction of the Department of Economics, Women’s College, Tinsukia

The Department of Economics, established in 1966, has been committed towards creating, assimilating and disseminating knowledge through teaching, field survey and extension services and developing human resources in the field of Economics. The course structure of the department incorporates a balance of theoretical analysis and quantitative reasoning. It offers programmes of B.A. in Economics along with add-on-course on Entrepreneurship Development.

The Department provides quality education through various methods viz. participatory, experimental, experiential learning in addition to conventional method. The students have access to a well –stocked library, a wide range of electronic resources, and a fully equipped computer laboratory.

The department has a glorious past of its students who are spread over the globe with distinguished achievements in their fields.

Former Faculty members of the Department: 

· Mr. Prahlad Rai Chamaraia

· Mrs. Neelu Bose

· Late Purushottam Khaitan

· Mrs. Rehanalskandan Ali

· Mrs. Arundhati Ghosh

· Mrs. Kanak Bhattacharjee

· Mrs. Snigdha Ghosh

· Late Kanailal Bose

· Miss Monika Dutta

· Mr. U.N. Prasad

· Miss Anita Kar

· Mr. Sanjib Kr. Gohain Baruah

· Miss Pratima Mahajan

· Mr. Alok Deb

· Mr. Diganta Mazumder

· Mrs. Shikha Dutta

· Ms. Radha Rani Biswas

· Ms. Sushma Newer

· Ms. Dipanwita Dutta

· Ms. Poulomi Sengupta

· Ms. Karabi Gogoi

· Ms. Swapnali Baruah

· Ms. Karabi Gogo

· Ms. Namita Bora

· Ms. Mayuri Gogoi

· Ms. Rumi Saikia

· Ms. Himadri Chetia

· Ms. Priyanka Gupta

· Ms. Kanchan K. Sharma

· Ms. Paulomi Mukherjee

· Ms. Susmita Das

· Ms. Smita Sharma




Faculty Members:

Mr Tapajyoti Dutta Roy
Associate Professor (HOD)
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Dr Surabi Dutta
Assistant Professor
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Ms Bhagyalakhi Gogoi
Assistant Professor
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Ms Suprity Shyam
Assistant Professor
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