Department of Assamese

Women’s College, Tinsukia, established in the year 1966, is one of the Best Girls College in Tinsukia District.The Department of Assamese is established in  1967 and the very same year  Assamese as MIL subject is  introduced in HS Course.However, Assamese as a MIL  Subject in B.A. Course is introduced from 1970 and since 1989 the Department has been offering Major/Hons course. Since its inception, the faculty members of the Department have been putting their efforts and dedication to make Teaching-Learning more effective and interesting one. Alumnae  of the Department are engaged in various fields.

Aims and Objectives :

i) To prepare the students for graduate .

ii) To impart  general ideas of language, literature, culture & tradition of Assam.

iii) To prepare  students for higher studies.

iv) To Introduce the basic concepts about the Indian and world Literature to the students.

v) Proper guidance facilities to improve the writing skills of the students.

vi) To prepare for recognize their personal value and apply these to their own society.

Departmental Management Committee:

• President- Mr. Debasis Phukan (HoD)

• Secretary – Mrs. Malabika Das Hazarika


• Dr. Karabi Baruah Gogoi

• Mrs. Anindita Gogoi Baruah 

Departmental Publication:

i) Print Magazine: ‘Dapun’

ii) Wall Magazine: ‘Gyanom’

iii) Hand written Magazine: ‘Prayash’

iv) Hand Written Book

Best Practice:

As a literature Department Best practice are -

• Regularly Published Wall Magazine ‘Gyanam’.

• Regularly Published Print Magazine ‘Dapun’.

• Regularly Published Hand written Magazine ‘Prayash’.

• Regularly Published Hand written book on course related literary topic.

Ex- Faculty Members:

1. Mrs. Runu Bhattacharya

2. Mrs. Anjali Kalita

3. Mr. Bijan Dutta

4. Mrs. Ranjita Sarma (MPhil.)

5. Miss Dipanjali Devi

6. Mrs. Hemalakhmi Gogoi

7. Mrs. Rumi Khalen

8. Mrs. Mallika Moran

Faculty Members:

Mrs Malabika Das Hazarika
Associate Professor
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Mr Debasis Phukan
Associate Professor (HOD)
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Ms Anindita Gogoi Baruah
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Dr Karabi Baruah Gogoi
Assistant Professor
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